Types of Aftermarket Headlights explained

It’s amazing what a new set of headlights can do! A simple headlight replacement withhighquality headlight assemblies from Oracle Lighting, or one of the other top brands thatwefeature here at PMLIT.com, can dramatically change yourvehicle.

Improving Your Vehicle with a HeadlightReplacement

Maybe your goal is to make your car safer by making the road brighter withcustomheadlights. Perhaps your headlights are no longer working as well as they once did,orthey’re broken due to an accident or wear and tear. It could be that you simply wantto change the look of your vehicle with something more stylish like Oracle halosheadlights.Whatever your reason for considering aftermarket headlights, understandingwhatdifferent types are available is an important first step inmaking your purchase.

Custom Headlights: Five MainTypes

Oracle Lighting and other makers of headlights for custom mods offer five main typesof headlightassemblies:

  1. Projector Headlights – Around the year 2000, the makers of aftermarketheadlights introduced projector headlights. These lights are dramatically different thanthe traditional composite lights that became popular beginning in the 80s. The lightsconsistof projecting beam headlight bulbs placed behind outer lens covers. When illuminated,the lights shine almost like laser beams. When not illuminated, cutouts for each light canbe seen.
  2. Halo Headlights – BMW originated halo headlights, but now Oracle haloheadlights, and some other brands’ custom headlights have brought these futuristic lights toall vehicles. When illuminated, halo headlights look like rings of light, rather than asolid round, square, or rectangular beam. Most halo headlights are also projectorheadlights,but their shape categorizes them as halos. Offered in CCFL, plasma, LED,and incandescent varieties, halos may also be called angeleyes.
  3. LED Headlights – Light emitting diode headlights, commonly called LEDs,firstemerged on the market in 2008, with Audi using them as standard headlights in someof their new vehicles. A true LED headlight, like the type made by Oracle Lighting,includes only light emitting diode illuminators, which produce light by transferring electronsbackand forth between diodes. Some LED style headlight assemblies have halogenorincandescent headlight bulbs with LEDs beneath them as accentlights.
  4. Euro Style Headlights – Euro style headlights are those that have uniquereflectors around the lights. In these designs, black or chrome is used in place of clear orsilvermaterials, found in other types of headlight assemblies. Some Euro style lights alsohave smoke colored lenses. Many Euro Style headlights are projector headlights, and youcan also find halo headlights and LED headlamps with Euro styledesigns.
  5. Factory Style Headlights – Factory style headlights are made to simply replacethe headlights that come standard in a vehicle. There are two types available: OEM andOE.OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. A factory headlight withthis designation is actually made by the original manufacturer, so it is 100 percentidentical and authorized as a replacement part for a particular make and model ofvehicle.Aftermarket OE headlights, or original equipment lights, are made to the samedimensions and engineering specifications as the original head lights; however, they are not authorized bythe brand, and are made by a different manufacturer. Often, these parts are cheaperthan OEMparts.

Here at PMLIT.com, we have many of the most popular types ofaftermarketheadlights, available for purchase from Oracle Lighting and other top brands. Ourrange of halo headlights, projector headlights, and other custom headlights includes optionsfornearly all makes and models of automobiles. If you need help deciding which typeof headlamps is the best for your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to contactus.