What to Look for When Shopping for a Vape Pen

If you are a smoker or are new to vaping, you know how common these devices are becoming in everyday life. Vaping marijuana is a healthier alternative to smoking it, as it rids the vapor produced of the harmful compounds found in smoke, such as carbon and tar. When speaking of dab pens, or vaporizers used for concentrates, they are like ecigs in the sense that they vaporize material instead of burning it, but unlike ecigs, a portable vaporizer lets you add your own substances. These can be dry herbs, waxes, or oils. Still, not all wax pens are created equal, so consider these factors when going to purchase your own dab pen vaporizer.

So what is the best wax pen vaporizer? Well, that is, of course, subjective, but here are a few that VaporPlants.com carries and recommends.

Dr. Dabber Ghost

This is a vape pen for both waxes and oils. It has a decent price of between $85-$105 and comes complete with an extra heating element. Its low heat operation is perfect for vaping wax and oils at a low enough temperature where it will not combust. Dr Dabber Ghost gets hot in only 5 seconds for quick and easy consumption anytime. It is compact and perfect for discreet on the go use for up to 200-300 draws.

KandyPens Donuts

KandyPens Donuts vaporizers come at a price near $100. It comes with a low heat atomizer for easy heating that retains all of the tasty flavors of dabs and ensures that it will not combust. It has a big heating chamber that can hold around .3 grams making it perfect to take with you anywhere without needing a refill. It is portable, and, as it looks like an ecig, is very discreet. Its one-button operation makes KandyPens Donuts easy to use and has an average draw resistance.

SToK R Series 2

SToK R Series 2 improves upon the previous line of SToK R Series vapes. It has a low heat coil for perfect dabs every time, and the coil helps to evenly heat the material for great vapor production that is consistent and tasty. SToK R heats up fast and is ready for use. When it’s ready, you can even watch the vapor being produced in the SToK R polycarbonate heating chamber!

What to look for in a Vape Pen

Long Life Batteries

Many vape pens use lithium ion batteries which are sturdier and last longer than others. Some cheaper brands use older batteries, so make sure you are getting the lithium ion you need to travel on the go without worry.

Getting the Right Vape for the Job

You must, of course, consider what you will be using the vape for–dry herbs, wax, or oil. Some pens are compatible with all three, where other ones can only handle one or the other. If you aren’t using material that aligns with your type of vape pens, you can damage the device.


In short, you get what you pay for. The more you are willing to spend, the better experiences you will have with your dab vaporizer pen. If you want something of quality that is durable and reliable, be prepared to spend near $100. Low quality vapes are known for accidentally burning marijuana concentrates and failing to live a long life, so do be mindful of your purchase.

Aesthetic Appeal

Most vapes are tube-like and shaped like pens. Still, not all are created equal and many have features that set them apart from other vapes. Some are smaller for discretion; some have a low restriction per draw. It is also important that you get an authentic vape, and not a clone that does not meet the same quality standards as their original counterparts.

Choosing the best wax pen vaporizer for you may be a matter of trial and error, but when you consider visual appeal, battery life, and your budget, it is easy to find the appropriate fit. Try out a few of the amazing vapes listed here! Read more about them at VaporPlants.com and pick up one of your own today.